Cubs Corner: Things To Do With The Kids This Valentine’s

It’s Friday again, and so time for another post about things to do with the kids this weekend. And since it’s the week of love, I’ve decided to make them Valentine’s themed.

1) Baking biscuits. I won’t put a recipe here’s as I only ever use recipes created by other people, but you can find some really easy but tasty ones online. You could ice them too, and since they made them themselves, they will taste even better.

2) Create Valentine’s Cards. This is a simple, easy thing to do, but if you have enough card, paints and glitter it can keep them happy for hours.

3) Date Day. Valentine’s is all about showing the people that you love, that you love them. But we only ever do that for our partners. Show your munchkins that you love them by treating them to a date day. That could mean taking them out, their choice, or it could mean laying a blanket out on the floor whole you watch films and eat junk, or creating a fort in the living room.

I hope that some of these have inspired you, and if you have any suggestions, please do comment below.

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