Valentine’s Day On A Budget

I love Valentine’s day. And usually I love the idea of going on a ‘proper date’ with my husband.

But this year we have decided to be real adults and save money, so we are staying in and making the best of it. So I’ve decided to share some ideas for a Valentine’s night without spending any/too much money.

1) Cook a romantic dinner. Now for us, this depends on when the rugrats decide they want to go to bed and stay there. But if you have plenty of time, or if you are free of children, then his is a fairly simple one. You can cool something that you already have the ingredients for, pasta always seems a good shout. Or you can pop to Tesco, or M&S if you’re feeling a little bit fancy, and get a meal deal. You can usually get a main and dessert for two plus a bottle of wine for a really affordable price.

2) Watch a movie. If you don’t quite have the money to go to the cinema, then just create one at home. You could pick a film that you know you both love, or pop onto Sky movies where they may have more current films. Grab blankets, popcorn, turn off the lights and there you have it! Your own personal cinema!

3) Picnic. I haven’t had a picnic for ages. This is a nice one if you want to keep costs down, but don’t want to be stuck in the house for Valentine’s day. You can either do this in the garden if you can’t find a babysitter, or you can venture to a nice field to river local to you. Take a few blankets – one for sitting on and a couple for snuggling since it’s February. You can make sandwiches, pack fruit, whatever you want to eat and your favoured beverage. The amount that you spend on food and drink is up to you, so this can be as low cost or as expensive as you like.

Also, it’s worth looking out for deals and offers that restaurants and other places are doing for Valentine’s day, as you may still be able to get that date night at a price that you can afford.

I hope that some of these are helpful to you, and inspire you to celebrate the special day affordably.

If you have any suggestions, please comment below!

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