Cubs Corner – Salt Dough

Every Friday, I will endeavour to post something, anything, that you can do with the kids to stop them from driving you crazy!

Recently, we made salt dough. Which was fun, messy and the measurements from the recipe that I found were in cups, which I always find rather ambiguous. How big is the cup?!

The recipe is:

• 1 cup of plain flour

• half a cup of table salt

• 1/3 cup of water.

You then mix it up and knead it a bit. It should be a bit sticky and a bit grainy.

Then, the world is your oyster! My five year old of course had to make a dragon. A bloody dragon! And not any dragon, the most complicated one that he could find online.

My four year old, however, was happy with a big, fat worm.

You then pop them either into the oven at 180 degrees or into the microwave. It usually takes around 3 mins in microwave, but pause it regularly to check on its progress. In the oven, you just have to keep checking it, but it took us about 30 mins.

Once this is done, the children can decorate them. Most people paint them, which would look much nicer, but it depends on whether you have a space in which you are happy for them to paint.

We don’t live in our own home, so we coloured them in with felt-tips, which they were very happy with.

This keeps them occupied for hours, get a their creative juices flowing, and gives you son peace and quiet! What’s not to love?!

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